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Rural Development

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Social Protection

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Our Approach

  • ADP believes that since development is bottom-up and participatory, it is essential for policies that are crafted to respond to these issues. In this regard, ADP engages in policy formulation; policy reviews and analysis; participation in governmental / national policy discussion platforms (e.g. Sector Working Groups); and intergovernmental agencies (e.g. African Union, ECOWAS).
  • Knowledge is power. But knowledge built on rigorously applied sound principles and methods of inquiry provides concrete and tested ideas for solving development challenges. In this respect, ADP actively undertakes organizational-driven researches on issues relevant to our areas of operation.
  • Central and local governments have the first-line of duty in providing essential services to communities in need of development. However, there are times the reach of these services excludes and marginalizes key groups such as older persons, women, persons with disabilities and children